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There are some good posts on the web, but when I was starting out I could never find a single go-to source with the key information that I needed to help me get started. Whatever part of the world you have come from, I welcome you! Thank you for becoming part of this community, I’m excited to help you on your journey into mobile app development.

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Picture of Randal - founder of Start Apps Blog dot ComRandal created in November 2014. Full time engineer, part-time coder + tech blogger + music creator… he enjoys smacking away at the keyboard with two goals – i) Building Apps ii) Sharing mobile development tips, tricks and insights on this website from his experience. No he doesn’t use a Dvorak keyboard, just a plain old Qwerty…  since the speed bottleneck to smashing out a ripper piece of code or epic blog post has always been his 8-bit frontal lobe.