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Making Apps with the Lua Programming Language and Corona SDK – Lesson 0

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Okay… Lesson 0 is an easy but fundamental one. It’s purpose is to get you pumped and motivated to start learning programming in Lua and to get you ready to start making mobile games with Corona SDK.


Check out the video tutorial below or click here to see it on Youtube 


Get Motivated!  


Making mobile games should be fun.

Mobile app development is not for quitters and to keep you going through the thick and thin of making mobile games and apps… you need to be really motivated.


Let’s kick things off by getting some solid advice for new game developers and programmers. There is no better person to deliver this type of advice than this guy….. the Game Development Industry Legend: John Romero.


John has been in the game development industry since the early 1980’s and is known as one of the father’s of the first person shooter. He was the primary developer on the popular games Wolfenstein 3D, Dangerous Dave, Hexen, Doom and Quake.


9 Minutes of Solid Advice


Hear what John has to say in a recent interview about How to Start Developing Video Games



Definitely some great advice from John on getting started at making mobile games and apps.


Since we’ll be using Corona SDK while learning the Lua programming language we have the great opportunity to publish to multiple platforms.


With this framework you can not only publish to the major mobile stores but you could refactor your code to publish your app to desktop platforms also.


Using the Corona framework you can publish your app to these mobile ready stores –

Learn Lua and Corona Lesson 0 -Mobile Stores

And you can also publish your Desktop app version to these stores –

Learn Lua and Corona Lesson 0 -Desktop Stores



See you in Lesson 1…


Video Tutorial Here –



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